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When we were all younger (those of us who are parents now hear it from the other side) “It’s not fair!” was a common phrase that usually preceded the statement, “Rules are made to be broken!So with that in mind, here are some relationship taboos that might not really be that bad for the two of you.Sure, sometimes – or even most times – two people need to calm down, walk away, and regroup before ruining a relationship. It relieves stress, airs grievances, and more importantly, aids in communicating, provided that it’s not just screaming matches and throwing vases around.);spend every night in the same bed; and never, ever be bored. These and other so-called "rules" for marriage need some serious debunking.And it's not just because rules your mother may have passed on are outdated; some may be downright damaging.But trying to work through a problem when you're tired and stressed won't get you anywhere, says Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph D, psychologist and author of 2. In marriage, no-holds-barred honesty is not always the best policy.

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You need to do it if you want to keep your sanity, and also so you don’t always walk around acting like a disgruntled Cinderella.Giving out relationship advice is kind of like being offered a college professorship right after your bachelors.Yeah, you’ve done it before, but there’s no way you’re qualified for this.” When we’re kids, learning and reaching various stages of mental development where needs wants and desires are all that matter, this makes sense.At some point we progress in the understanding that rules are in place to keep us safe and others safe. I learned early that breaking the rules was not a good thing.Human beings crave intimacy, need to love and be loved, and function best when they are.

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