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Then last week another iconic sports broadcasting voice, Dick Enberg, who has been calling Padres games since 2009 for Fox Sports San Diego, said he will said he will step down as the team’s primary television announcer after the 2016 season.“Look, you have to be respectful of the incredible careers they have had but also confident in your ability to do the job at a high level,” said CBS Sports broadcaster Ian Eagle.Chaotica} The crew of the USS Voyager is unsettled as a secluded and conflicted Captain Janeway reflects on the decision she's made along the mission and the consequences those judgements have had for them all.

What really delighted me (apart from the rumpy pumpy) was the strong evolution of the relationship between B'Elanna and Tom.

Paris launches a newly constructed, all environment shuttlecraft, to retrieve it. Doherty and Jimmy Diggs Cast: Scarlett Pomers (Naomi Wildman), Neil Maffin (Ven), Erica Mer (Human Girl) Mysteriously, the U. Janeway is crushed to learn that before Tuvok, The Doctor and she can intervene, Seven may be completely lost.

Director: David Livingston Teleplay: Nicholas Sagan Cast: Ray Walston (Boothby), Kate Vernon (Archer), Zach Galligan (Ensign Gentry), Tucker Smallwood (Admiral Bullock) The USS Voyager discovers that Species 8472 has created a habitat simulation of Starfleet's San Fransisco yards, and are training their own to pose as humans to eventually invade Earth. Voyager searches for the crash-landed Delta Flyer and its crew, Lt. Aided by Chakotay's striking love interest, Lieutenant Tessa Omond, Chakotay and Kim are hotly pursued fugitives with hope that somewhere embedded beneath the ice, they'll retrieve the only tools they believe can change the fate of their long-dead fellow crew members. Director: David Livingston Teleplay: Jeri Taylor Cast: David Clennon (Jad Mager) After Torres is stricken by a bizarre, injured alien that latches itself onto her body, The Doctor creates another holographic physician, a Cardassian exobiologist named Dr. But Torres refuses treatment when it's learned that the physician engaged in unethical wartime medical practices.

Later, deep in some dangerous mines, B'Elanna herself begins to experience strong, difficult to control, mating urges...

, with rampaging hormones surging all over the place and intimate investigations of sexual mores and mating practices; it was all a little moist for this Trekkie. What annoyed me, however, is that I'd already imagined the whole darned scenario (but with myself as the Vulcan undergoing pon farr - I want those ears!

Before the 1971 season, NBC promoted De Rogatis to the top spot with Gowdy while Rote was sent to the “B” team with Jim Simpson.

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