Capricorn star sign compatibility chart dating

This weighty respect comes from Capricorn's ruler, wise old Saturn, the planet of maturity, authority and command.Capricorn is the zodiac's father sign; Aries is its firstborn child.

Which star signs should a Capricorn man or woman date?Cancer and Capricorn represent the axis of family, genetics and belief questioning.Their desire to be together can be uncontrollably strong, because they reflect the love and attraction of their ancestors ...Signs Most Compatible With Capricorn As a star sign ruled by the element of Earth, your safest bet, Capricorn, is probably one of the other two Earth signs, i.e. The favorable 120° – or 4 signs – spacing between Zodiac signs in the same element makes for an especially harmonious relationship and a level of compatibility well above the norm.Both Taurus and Virgo are good compatibility matches for Capricorn since they share Capricorn’s practical, responsible and materially-oriented approach to life.Aries is the Alpha in most relationships, but here the Ram meets his match.

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