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You'll probably hear a few legislators suggest a tax on carbon -- or sometimes more broadly, a tax on the emissions of fossil fuels.But before the word "tax" sets off alarm bells, consider the effect of combusted fossil fuels on the environment.CARBON TAX A proposed tax charge on carbon dioxide emissions because of burning fossil fuels. Compact Fluorescent Lamp ECOSYSTEM A self sufficient environment formed by biological and physical characteristics existing together and in one place.CARBON DIOXIDE Greenhouse gas increasing global warming. CLIMATE CHANGE Rapid change in global climate because of human activities. EMISSION Gases or exhausts produced by human activity.Arrived within stated time very easy to install works fine. a CO614 - 06/22/2016 Reviewer: Ellwood T Bear We bought three of newer CO monitors.A carbon trade is an exchange of credits between nations designed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

BIOACCUMULATION How animals and plants secrete toxins in their tissues from their environment. CARBON FOOTPRINT The measure of greenhouse gas emitted by certain actions of humans or industries.

) emissions through enhanced respiration of thick peat deposits, centuries to millennia old, may form a strong positive carbon cycle–climate feedback.

The long-term temperature sensitivity of carbon in peatlands, especially at depth, remains uncertain, however, because of the short duration or correlative nature of field studies°C warming accelerated total ecosystem respiration rates on average by 60% in spring and by 52% in summer and that this effect was sustained for at least eight years.

Our findings suggest a large, long-lasting, positive feedback of carbon stored in northern peatlands to the global climate system.

First Alert's plug-in carbon monoxide alarm with battery backup offers several unique installation options.

The carbon trade allows countries that have higher carbon emissions to purchase the right to release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from countries that have lower carbon emissions.

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