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Magician Criss Angel just got a little bit of magic in his personal life.

After Angel announced his 2-year-old son, Johnny Sarantakos, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last October, Angel says his son is finally on the mend."Johnny is technically in remission, thank God," the Vegas performer (born Christopher Sarantakos) revealed in an interview with Us Weekly.

“He never turned down an opportunity for more press to distract from his show, which was now seeing more horrendous reviews,” she writes.

Like Hefner, Angel also spewed cruel insults at her. She finally left him and moved back temporarily with her parents in Oregon.

Criss Angel is making magic—and it’s not just at the Luxor.

The 49-year-old illusionist is smitten with his new girlfriend, Latina pop singer Belinda Peregrin.

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“You make me want to be the best man I’m capable of….’Real Magic’ Pure Love Forever Mi Amor.” Criss Angel’s declaration that he has never loved anyone before is interesting.

“You’re not going to any parties,” he told them, according to Madison.

“The trip to Mexico is off.”After Hefner, Madison dated Angel, who wasn’t much more of a gentleman.

Criss, on the other hand, just scared me." She says that the magician never hit her, but she was "scared that something of that nature might be lurking around the corner." Kendra Slams Holly -- Says She Has an "Ulterior" Motive Once the facade started to fade, Madison says she "found him to be unintelligent" and "virtually illiterate" -- and realized they had very little in common.

She eventually left him and finally pursued her own dreams, landing a reality TV series of her own, appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" and starring in a Las Vegas show.

"I believe he will be healed."The little boy has been receiving treatment in Australia where he live with his mother, Angel's ex-wife, Shaunyl Benson.

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