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­But for critics of how the term is used today, Judeo-Christian is vague, historically flawed and even inflammatory.These opposing views reflect a deep rift in American society and illuminate very different fundamental political beliefs.go to: the early 1960s, Orlando, Florida, was a crossroads community of citrus groves, farmland, and swamps.

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“It’s essentially saying our values are not the values of the Enlightenment or the Constitution, but instead our values are the values of the Bible,” he said.

Disney’s successors, more concerned with the bottom line, settled for what became the present-day EPCOT.

Heirs of the Disney dynasty thought it more prudent to follow the tried formula of entertaining crowds with fantasy rides.

Refuting this misleading conception of history is important for both Christians and non-Christians alike who hope to understand the depth of Nazi evil.

promote the view that Nazi leaders were Christians alienated from the church.

Only a handful knew the scope of Disney’s City of Tomorrow and how it came to dwarf all other projects on his drawing board.

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