Coffee club speed dating record

However, this isn’t just a great place to start your day, it’s a great place to end it too. Flat White is precisely what you want out of your local, hipster coffee den: neither too friendly nor too aloof - I want a coffee not a therapy session to iron out my anxiety - the tiny nook found in the pulsing heart of Soho will quickly become a place you will never tell anyone about for fear of breaking the caffeine-bolstered solace you find here. It's especially popular amongst younger caffeine-cravers - and even has an acceptable number of plug sockets. Why go: A world away from Brixton’s hustle and bustle is a peaceful haven of serenity, where the coffee is intense and the atmosphere anything but.

Fuller’s managed pub/hotel like-for-like sales rose by 3.7% (vs 5.3% comp) during the 43 weeks to 21 January 2017.In an uncertain world, the latter should deliver a strong set of results, and continue its track record for setting and exceeding deliverable objectives.If the General Election fails to bring a similar result, we believe Fuller’s should be a safer (investment) home than most.Wanting to bring the best coffee to Seattle, they opened the first Starbucks in 1971 in Pike Place Market.It only sold beans at first, but that would change once Schultz stepped in.According to the British Coffee Association, every day the UK drinks 55 million cups of coffee. If you’ve ever travelled down under, you will already know that when it comes to java our Antipodean cousins don’t play around. Open since 2009 and now with two branches, this all-day Australian/New Zealand-style café does serve some food (salads, soups, sangers), but the coffee is the star of the show with talented baristas making beautiful music from the Synesso Cyncra espresso machines. Well, it comes from Square Mile Coffee, London’s award-winning roaster, and Kaffeine is ALWAYS busy. With thanks to the amazing Mrs K and her design ideas, @bluecrowteam and @designlsm #londonherewecome #coffee #fitzrovia #livethelifeyoulove #lovethelifeyoulive A post shared by Kaffeine London (@kaffeinelondon) on Why go?

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