Consolidating manufacturing platforms


Media technological convergence is the tendency that as technology changes, different technological system sometimes evolve toward performing similar tasks.Digital convergence refers to the convergence of four industries into one conglomerate, ITTCE (Information Technologies, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, and Entertainment).Such changes in the respective ecosystem open new trends, pathways, and opportunities in the following divergent phase of the process" (Roco 2002 Siddhartha Menon defines convergence, in his Policy initiative Dilemmas on Media Covergence: A Cross National Perspective, as integration and digitalization.Integration, here, is defined as "a process of transformation measure by the degree to which diverse media such as phone, data broadcast and information technology infrastructures are combined into a single seamless all purpose network architecture platform".

EBITDA for the quarter ended December 31, 2015 was Rs 67 crore as against Rs 51 crore for the same period last year, thereby recording a growth of 31%. A leading meat producer wanted to expand across many countries in Europe, so it set out to build scale and create efficiency in its supply chain.A beverage company wanted to close six plants throughout Europe and focus on improving the performance of its top-selling brand.This article describe science and technology convergence, with illustrations to convergence of emerging technologies (NBIC, nano-, bio-, info- and cognitive technologies) and convergence of media technology."Convergence is a deep integration of knowledge, tools, and all relevant activities of human activity to allow society to answer new questions, to create new competencies and technologies, and overall to change the respective physical or social ecosystem.Aim of Yole’s report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the panel packages technologies available right now and in-development.

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