Counter strike keeps validating 100

Thus-like a fighter or bomber-this aircraft can be configured for a particular mission by loading the appropriate airlift or airpower module.

At my desk I oftentimes lean against the edge of the table (don’t tell any orthopedist! With the sharp edge at my desk still padded, why didn’t I find any holes over the last weeks, but just now? It took some time until I finally realized the ultimate cause.

The rationale behind why not all of my shirts caught new holes in the past was manifold: I had either worn an apron, tucked my shirt into my trousers or worn heels (that made me taller), so the shirt would not scrub between trouser button and kitchen counter.

And I am happy to report, no new holes have occured ever since this insight.

Mission by mission, if warranted, individual aircraft in the CAT fleet could be reconfigured to respond rapidly to changing air--mobility, sustainment, and airpower-projection needs worldwide.

Depending upon the mission, the flexible CAT could carry modules for Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), missileer, traditional cargo, tanker, Army or Marine fire support (gunship), Navy sea patrol, emergency communications for the Department of Homeland Security, fighting forest fires, or international humanitarian relief, among others.

First, the CAT would provide a modern, global-range aircraft with standardized performance, basing, support, crew, and training that could offer, through the use of missionized modules, a modernization path for many of today's transport aircraft such as the C-5 airlifter, as well as the E-3 AWACS, KC-135 tanker, E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS), C-9 aeromedical-evacuation aircraft, and the B-52 bomber.

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