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It is assumed that one of these tunnels was connected with the basement of the nearby castle of Mango and used as an escape.Or that, given the location, the location may have been a military outpost.

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Fabrizio had just started with a new Italian distributor, Les Caves de Pyrene run by Christian Bucci.

Fabrizio and I drove to Barbaresco one December evening in 2010 for a blind Barbera tasting Christian put together.

Paolo was seated next to Fabrizio, and they struck up a conversation immediately.

Turns out Paolo’s Barbera was one of our favorites in the line up (along with Rossore of course), and by the end of the dinner following the tasting it felt as if we had been friends for years.

Paolo told us his fascinating story, not only about the history of his estate and vineyards, but that he was weeks away from loosing everything on his venture to make his own wine with the 2005 vintage, when Christian Bucci ‘found him,’ fell in love with his wine, and signed him up immediately, essentially saving Paolo’s dream in the 11th hour.

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