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But even though I meticulously studied the scientific literature to collect the suite of traits linked with each of these four biological systems, then carefully assembled these traits into a questionnaire, and have now collected questionnaire data on some 13 million members of and, I needed to prove that my questionnaire actually measured these four biological systems. Lucy Brown and other colleagues, I gave my questionnaire to 17 newlyweds and 17 long-married people; then we put them in the brain scanner.

You might expect optimism to fade when confronted with the reality of 21st century dating: guys who don’t call after a great first date, relationships that fall apart after three months, marriage proposals that never materialize.

The study concludes that we can become pessimistic about the general state of things, but privately, optimism about our own futures remains intact.

He's been eating at your optimistic view a bit at a time and it no longer matters how you see the world, because you’ve begun living in his negative reality.

If you want to live a positive life, you keep an eye out for these warning signs.

When the results came in, I felt like jumping in the sky.

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