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Image: Wavebreak Media Ltd/123rf Just like anywhere else in the world, couples in Singapore can benefit from inexpensive and romantic ways to bring an extra spark to their relationship.

You don't have to wait for a special day to go out of your way to do something special for your partner.

Challenge yourselves to drawing something that your partner would put on his or her wall at home.

Some places to try include Artistiq, My Art Space and Museo.

Couples: Snuggle And Giggle Over Hot Chocolate, Complete With Silly Comedies Or Movies Spending quality time with each other doesn’t have to cost a bomb so stock up the fridge with both of your favourite drinks and snacks! These redeemable coupons can include things like DIY masks, a home cooked meal made with lots of love, a comforting back massage or even a complete day off from doing household chores!

Fret not if you do not have access to Netflix or cable TV, all you have to do is stream some movies on the glorious internet. Craft A Creative Coupon Book That Doesn’t Expire Let your creativity reign here and put in whatever you reckon your significant other would like. Catch A Movie At The Cinema Only this time round, let him pick the movie. Now, it is only fair that we girls watch some guy flicks every now and then with our sweethearts who have probably watched way more romantic comedies with us just because.

Other areas of the Outdoor Gardens which are free to the public which include Bay East Garden, Sun Pavillion, Heritage Gardens, World of Plants and Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes.

Website With so many green spaces in Singapore, a leisurely stroll makes a great date idea.

Website Visit the website's homepage to find out when the next sitting will be.Then stroll over to nearby Duxton Plains and enjoy a breezy picnic and soak in the charms of old Chinatown. Now eat it in bed as you feed each other – or off each other. Grab an MRT map, close your eyes and pick a station in a part of Singapore that you’re unfamiliar with.Try not to obsess about the crumbs on the bedsheet. Now take the train – don’t forget to hold hands – and pretend to be broke youngsters during your early courting days.There's also a gift shop at the Parliament House selling parliamentary souvenirs and publications!Website Be captivated by these majestic vertical gardens without paying a cent and in the evenings, you can expect a wonderful display of light and sound.Stay In At Home As Per Usual To up the fun factor, get your love to retrieve the nice (or naughty) card you’ve snail-mailed him or her.

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