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Providers are required to keep their own records of complaints, which parents and carers can ask to see.

For further information go to the Information for parents and carers page. The reports above are presented in Adobe PDF format.

The estate dates from medieval times, when it was an outlying manor for St Osyth's Priory in Essex.

It passed through numerous owners until it was purchased by the Longe family in 1903.

Youth Energy aims to fill what Jason Freeman and his wife Amanda believe is a gap in the market for a “natural” energy drink, free from all artificial ingredients.

And this, says Jason, has also offered an opportunity to develop a product which provides a sustained boost to energy rather than just delivering a quick “high” which is then followed by a “low” as the initial hit wears off.

Below are details of any complaints we investigated where: We did not publish any information about a complaint or concern where no action was taken.To find out more details and to set up your personalised postal subscription, please contact our team on 01603 772738 and we'll be happy to tailor a package that suits you.Did you know you can avoid high postal costs by switching to a digital edition subscription?The development process lasted around 18 months in all, with Youth Energy being launched on the market last August.They initially focused on selling within East Anglia but also recently launched on Amazon through its Vendor Central programme.It is an offence not to meet conditions unless the provider has a reasonable excuse.

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