Dating the good girl


She’s instead got a good head on her shoulders and has fun while being classy and responsible. A woman who has her sh*t together has something in her life she’s incredibly passionate about.She therefore doesn’t rely on you to be happy, she instead focuses her energy into her passions.] As a girl, have you ever felt insecure when a bad girl takes a fancy to your boyfriend? It’s full of love, comfort, emotional security, happiness and bliss.Your man may be all yours, but when a bad girls talks to him or flirts with him, he can’t help but melt or get nervous around her. But then again, bad girls are like a scary rollercoaster.Having you in her life is a bonus, but not the be all, end all. When you’re dating a woman with self-respect, she won’t wait around for you to make plans with her.

The only times it really bothered her was when he occasionally went overboard and wound up intoxicated.Self-respect is the new black, and the best things in life don’t come easy.Here are 10 signs you’re dating a ‘real’ woman who has her sh*t together: She knows her limits. This means that she won’t let herself get messy drunk on a date, or spend her hard-earned income irresponsibly.When conversations lack depth or intrigue, we often fill our time with physical activity together, but it is impossible to build a real connection or lasting relationship with someone on that alone.Being intellectually challenging and having the ability to hold real discussions about meaningful topics, will always trump shallow beauty in the long run. How long will you stay in a committed relationship with a beautiful or handsome liar? Being compassionate, supportive, and encouraging towards your partner is a huge part of building a successful relationship. Being able to do whatever you want is a plus, but wanting snuggles and having no one to snuggle with can suck.

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