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This practical guide includes plenty of suggestions for establishing successful dating relationships anddealing with the pressure to get marriedexperiencing healing for past hurtsfinding and attracting mature singles to datechoosing whom to marryresisting sexual temptation Each chapter concludes with a personal Bible study as well as group discussion questions, making this a valuable resource for private devotions, small groups, or premarital counseling. To first be attracted to someone because of their appearance and then to following through because of that, I believe, is unwise.

I hope my future husband isn't looking at my appearance and doesn't lose any of his love for me as I age and that appearance changes.

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Rob resides with his wife, Ashley, in Atlanta, Georgia where they attend North Point Community Church. Jennifer was a disgruntled, single woman at my church.

Besides his popular book, Rob has also created audio teaching CD’s and a Dating with Pure Passion DVD video curriculum for single adult small groups used by over 150 churches nationwide. Dating With Pure 31 Flavors of Character As reality TV shows cram the airwaves, one can’t help but notice the superficiality of our American dating process. She was thirty-six years old and complained that her life was slipping away.

In that time, we've innovated a wide range of products and services designed to benefit public libraries and their patrons.This practical guide includes plenty o For Christian singles, spiritual union with Christ must be the foundation of all of their relationships—including dating relationships. The first chapter I found to be very helpful, encouraging, and Biblical...after that the theology got very shallow, and Eagar seems to want to simply take the worldly form of dating and modify it. courting) this book could be useful with it's ideas of where to meet Christian singles, locations for first dates, etc., but dating still doesn't seem to incl The messy game of dating. It's still one boy and one girl leaving alone and getting to know each other in a date like setting. But it's probably more important to know what someone is like at home, with the family gathered together, with a pile of dishes to be done, or when a child spills orange juice. I understand that some people might struggle with feeling guilty for feeling attracted to someone's appearance, and they could stand to learn that this is part of life, and it's not necessarily wrong.Rather than looking to people to meet needs only God can fulfill, readers will learn how to let Christ's sacrificial love ignite within them a passionate desire to share His love with a special person. Personally, it seems to me, that dating teaches one how to be good at dating. But to base any part of your relationship on the physical is flimsy.For example, Evan, the fake millionaire, must choose a mate from a lineup of 25 beautiful women. Six years had passed since her last boyfriend, and her dating life remained in limbo.Or, Trista, the gorgeous blonde, tries to find a husband by sharing a hottub with a string of cute […] Read More Tags: biblical model, communication, dealing with differences, healthy marriage, improving your marriage, protecting your marriage, relationships, Rob Eagar, sex and love, singles, women and men Posted in Experience, Family Life, Sex & Love, Women-Experience 4 Comments » Does God Promise You a Spouse? Jennifer wondered whether her […] Read More Tags: challenges & conflict, growing in your faith, hardship & suffering, husband, marriage, Most Popular, priorities, relationships, Rob Eagar, sex and love, singles, Women, women and men Posted in Experience, Family Life, Family Life Featured Topic, Sex & Love, Women-Experience 2,918 Comments » Gorging on Chocolate Love Have you ever gone a long time without eating and felt your stomach groan with hunger?For Christian singles, spiritual union with Christ must be the foundation of all of their relationships—including dating relationships. These questions are more important to me than knowing if we can have fun for one night.

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