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Interested in developing your skills and knowledge as well as earning a salary?Learn more about our vocational training opportunities here.Our trainee programmes and internships are an exciting addition to your degree free christian dating sites 2014 The strongest motivator is to find something meaningful in what you do.* If $ignore_case is false (or anything that is not (boolean) true, the function will be case sensitive.* Both of the above: only applies if either $start or $end are strings.After a substantial resizing of its business and a partnership venture agreement with Sony Music, which obtained the rights for some of the German label's main artists and for part of the catalogue, SPV went back into production with a new staff at the end of 2009.

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These may be useful:function str_ends($string,$end) function str_begins($string,$start) Example:if (str_ends ($filename, ".jpg"))/** * string substrpos(string $str, mixed $start [[, mixed $end], boolean $ignore_case]) * * If $start is a string, substrpos will return the string from the position of the first occuring $start to $end * * If $end is a string, substrpos will return the string from $start to the position of the first occuring $end * * If the first character in (string) $start or (string) $end is '-', the last occuring string will be used.

* * If $ignore_case is true, substrpos will not care about the case.

We offer them a chance to develop a career they’re passionate about while making a positive difference in the industry, and we’re looking for equally ambitious and innovative people to join them.

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