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but im not flickering through 800 channels just to get the information to load Because this don't load, it make the EPG completely useless What am i doing wrong? the TV is not connected to the internet (yet) but has latest firmware update i think.Otherwise known as the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide, the EPG allows you to view information about programmes on all you available Freeview channels for 8-days ahead.Television-based IPGs in conjunction with Programme Delivery Control (PDC) technology can also facilitate the selection of programs for recording with digital video recorders (DVRs), also known as personal video recorders (PVRs).If you are having problem connecting to the IPTV server make sure that you are using the correct portal URL.To confirm to which portal your donation was assigned please use the donation checker form: https://iptvzeta.com/forum/main-foru...number-checker If you are using the right portal but still having problem then try doing an IPTV reset, generate a new donation or changing the IPTV portal.Make sure that you are using the correct portal URL format: X.iptvprivateserver.tv/ or X.iptvprivateserver.tv/c/REPLACE THE X FOR PORTAL NUMBER.All trademarks and copyright content belong to their respective owners, and are used here under the terms of Fair dealing as defined in the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988."Sky" and the Sky trademarks are owned by Sky plc and Sky International AG.

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I have to agree with you in that it is a bit annoying. You have to turn TV off at wall and then you lose all recordings.

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A typical IPG provides information covering a span of seven or 14 days.

Data used to populate an interactive EPG may be distributed over the Internet, either for a charge or free of charge, and implemented on equipment connected directly or through a computer to the Internet.

An IPG allows television viewers and radio listeners to navigate scheduling information menus interactively, selecting and discovering programming by time, title, channel or genre using an input device such as a keypad, computer keyboard or television remote control.

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