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Kim and Jordan Wheeler don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day in their house.

In their blended Cree/Ojibway/Mohawk/European-descended family they've come up with a new way to mark the holiday — something they call "You're Welcome Weekend." Jordan: My Indigenous family celebrated Thanksgiving while I grew up.

As for the other 64 percent of fake dating profiles, their selected ethnicity varies.

Many of these fake accounts are listed in Nigeria, the Ukraine and the Philippines, and the majority of scammers claim to be “women” (71 percent).

The Ways of Knowing Partnership Turtle Island Conservation Programme (TIC) respectfully shares the hopes and goals of First Nation partners in our commitment to the preservation of wildlife and wild places.

TIC partners with First Nation communities to incorporate Traditional Knowledge into turtle and wetland conservation initiatives.

) are on a blitz promoting our vast country and the many ways to celebrate the anniversary.

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Approximately 1 in 10 online dating profiles are created by scammers preying on vulnerable individuals to take their money, according to “Face of Fraud” research by Seeking, which deletes more than 200 fraudulent accounts daily.

The term has been used by writers and musicians, as well as others.

Notable uses include Gary Snyder's Turtle Island, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the Turtle Island Quartet, a modern-day jazz string quartet, and soyfoods and Tofurky manufacturer Turtle Island Foods.

Various animals tried to swim to the bottom of the ocean to bring back dirt to create land.

Muskrat succeeded in gathering dirt, which was placed on the back of a turtle, which grew into the land known today as North America.

About 36 percent of these schemers describe themselves as “Native American,” CEO Brandon Wade told the .

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