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When employees are happy with their benefits the results are: Global Benefit Solutions can provide many benefit plan options based upon your company goals.More importantly, working with Employees Only will help you create a longer-term benefits strategy that goes well beyond just the “annual review” of benefits.It is direct since indirect forms of procuring self-harm like substance use, eating disorders, and heavy drinking are not considered as NSSI.It is deliberate since it is intentional, voluntary, and consists of an action or a series of actions carried out with no intention of death or committing suicide, Some studies have shown that NSSI is able to predict suicidal behaviors, and that subjects engaged in NSSI are seven times more likely to report making at least one suicidal gesture; ten times more likely to report making at least one suicide attempt; three times more likely to report having thought of suicide; and six times more likely to report having planned it.I’ve decided that as I can make my own decisions, buy furniture and put it together [as long as it doesn’t have doors] and financially support myself, I have no need for a man at all - except physically. (I bet you have no idea what to say to that).'The man replied: 'I’m sure the tan line on your breasts will be fine.It began after the woman sent an email on June 17 last year saying: 'I am now up and heading out. I assume you used my advice and wore the blue plasters over your nipples and that is your tan line.

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Keywords: infodemiology, infoveillance, Internet, non-suicidal self-injury Introduction NSSI 2.0 Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a deliberate and direct behavior, not conforming to social, cultural, and religious norms, and resulting in the destruction of one’s own body tissues.

who found that over 70% of adolescent self-injurers reported at least one lifetime suicide attempt and 55% of them multiple attempts.

Moreover, they discovered that this particular subgroup of NSSI injurers was characterized by a longer history of NSSI, no experience and feelings of pain during the injurious episodes, and a higher heterogeneity in practicing it.

In this preliminary report, we introduce the concept of “NSSI 2.0”; that is to say, the study of the Internet usage by subjects with NSSI, and we introduce a Google Trends-based approach for monitoring NSSI, called NSSI infodemiology and infoveillance.

Despite some limitations, Google Trends has already proven to be reliable for infectious diseases monitoring, and here we extend its application and potentiality in the field of suicidology.

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