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Swingers club petoskey mi swinger clubs frederick md swingers club sd kyle.over weird southern the day we started doing and I know how that happened how I’ll I just hope it’s not racist yeah I think it’s not it’s not unless you thought it was then and that it’s your races for there’s so many movies with like races people with southern accent they like any southern accent just sounds vaguely racist let’s not our fault no the South small yeah yeltsin up on the wrong side a civil war said yeah not even you guys like you shouldn’t invade even grown up in a place that fun on the wrong side as the war it’s not just your average about the wherewithal to move that at the very least maybe they did from New York to george et Sandpoint north of the mason-dixon alright so we get to one last question let’s try this one comes from another lady do da ya three lady is it do not I I know this is the second eighty yeah alright will call her Marni money Marni come on take the money and run good morning Vietnam I give my learning good mining get my knee I what is that how its appeal Sun I miss alright ready my boyfriend and I just broke up and I’ve been pretty miserable and said he cheated on me and broke my heart meanwhile my best friends classroom it has just fallen in love with a rich good looking all around great guy I know I should be happy for her but I can’t help but just wanna punch her in the face whenever she tells me how great everything is going how do I tell her I don’t want to hear about it until my heart has been mended thanks Marni mmm your best friend has to understand the world’s about you right have to like kill themselves revolves around you how learning on our speakers yeah that so you got her that I i three rachie they are you think yes it is the arrival time Tyler I’m gonna tell a lie cuz yeah the world’s smallest violin and I’m erbakan love you got them skull ok I I hmm a Izzard about this girl could be rubbing it in for you do I feel bad for her yet or not kinda tupac Shakur’s you know you see you got your heart broken that sucks you don’t hear about somebody else’s great life maybe she’s talking about it too much just sometimes when things are really great you do want to talk about it a lot yeah food this stuff yourself by with of on a pass sound give a shit enough to about this question you could justify with an answer on the willpower or displeasure of I just say yes our dollar live call rather old raps I I think that you could probably tell their hi you health you could be like hey I wanna punch you in the face just like shut up don’t tell me anything you can positively yeah shit munchers budget yes these stellar just ask you to be sensitive today I know my super happy for you don’t like it can help feel sorry for myself every time I hear this stuff can you please just like you know dial it down here tonight and I need you out of 5 right I think there’s a balance that you guys can find cuz you also she’s your friend you have to be happy her yeah and or or or you can say I Haley someone in my life is happy and that’s considered a good thing for me like yeah I feel terrible about myself that doesn’t mean I’m def make myself feel bad when I hear about other people’s love just because I’m poor doesn’t mean I get a jealous angry and rage when someone else wins the lottery now you you’re really madly I live my friends find success like extra monies are doing something I really pit I feel nothing but greed in JS you ask for a cut yeah I’ve seen you a head up every single one of our friends you I came into any money I say what’s your salary can you imagine if it was 99 percent to that would you really be that pissed if you gave me one percenter that you would never miss a lot like a penny from a big jar change I greatly as a drop in the bucket if ever I gave me one percent other cell I wouldn’t have to work a god damn day in my life yeah and I nobody’s given the money so for a couple people about the new up about it right but if yeah actually everyone had that’s why I’m so poor the LBB up and take my money you’ve got the highest the high is the beat-up radovan anybody have everything you do was the beat-up great how do you quantify that I don’t know about if you are approached over Dodgers yes just like so I guess eight out of 10 if your conversations and with somebody at least a costing years though the ratios people you approach that beat you up over how many people you approach total oh I gotta go to be all right now I just want to know over now i cant man talking about raising as I division rather gonna make its science yes science its you so I’m gonna get I’m gonna take it one step I in a different direction and say you you should evaluate what it says about yourself that a hearing about someone that you your best friend gaining happiness makes you sad I don’t think that’s fair that is very I actually you think that that to make you as happy as you try trying to find to love in the future I like you find true love so it has someone else does that should be the same thing for you if there’s a like crazy to the same you know like I just got my heart broken and my best friend just found love it’s like that a gut punch if it’s like I just got my heart broken and my best friend just won the lottery that’s totally different it’s like oh I can be happy for you you got like early got some kind of promotion at work that something that you can like always distract your broken heart from so if I i if you lost your job today and you’re depressed and I got cast on a TV show would that make you extra depressed yes of course or would you be happy for me I would be the party that would be happy for you but it’s like if I got I guess that’s like even if I got cast on a TV show what the fuck in my fire I if I got fired and you got a big promotion out be like pretty sad that would that’s not a that would hurt my feelings I be upset there’s no it would be very hard for me to be totally happy for you to be disconnected from those you could do that I not only could i but i would i would feel nothing I would it wouldn’t even make me sad to be fired knowing that you got a perm I would step down today if they would disagree tell it to you yeah I would I don’t know if I would to I don’t know if I would agree that the stepping a bad thing I quit the meerkat American have all my salary that’s what I would do.Violence, victims, and communities: a story of restoration; San Francisco is bringing together everyone harmed by violent crimes--victims, adult male offenders, and communities--in an innovative approach that other institutions have adopted as a model Task force ensures success; the successful launch of Callisto[TM] herbicide for Syngenta Crop Protection in 2002 represented a team effort between Syngenta and its six agency partners.They are so big, so life-consuming that we cannot go beyond being an acquaintance, a casual friend, or a fuck-buddy without having to tell the story.It is like having only two clothing options: a nun’s habit or pasties and a g-string.She doesn’t have time for relationships or distractions.

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