Gorillaz 2d noodle dating

Noodle arrived on Murdoc's doorstep in a Fed Ex crate in response to their ad for a guitarist.

Noodle first came to the Gorillaz when they were still a trio of 2-D, Murdoc and Russel.The band was looking for a guitarist, so they ran an ad looking for one.The next day, a Fed Ex crate arrived at Kong Studios, and a little Asian girl popped out and started playing on her guitar, as 2-D later described it, "The riff to end all riffs".He really liked her, he wanted to ask her out but he was too afraid, Murdoc said in my door frame saying “you like her” 2D gasps in nervousness and he blushed where his entire face was covered in red. 2D ran out the door and seeing if she was in her room practicing her guitar, in 2D’s mind he was thinking that was the most beautiful girl he ever saw with her black hair and her cuteness.He loved her so much, he wanted to tell her, murdoc said “stop being a wuss and ask her out! He wanted that so bad then Noodle saw 2D and said “2D come in” 2D walked in and his face was still and very red noodle said “Umm 2D are you ok? Noodle gets some water and pours it on him 2D woke up Noodle giggled “i guess you’re nervous” 2D wipes away the water from his face and giggles and says “yeah haha” Noodle laughed a little more and said “silly 2D i know you have a huge crush on me i’ve known for a while haha”.You've pretty much told each other everything, at least you thought everything.

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