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I’d grown very fond of my Canon 7D over the past few years.

However Sony finally raised the bar — this new technology was too good to ignore.

In this article you’ll learn what I like (and dislike) about these cameras along with sample images from my travels. Well it was the first time a full-frame sensor had been squeezed into a compact mirrorless camera body.

This means the sensor inside the camera is big, producing high quality images with low noise. The Sony A7S II is geared for video, with fewer megapixels but higher ISO sensitivity.

Here are the steps required to create the SD card image under Linux:where BBB*is the full name of the image file—use the Tab key to autocomplete. It should take 5 to 10 minutes for this write to complete.

In case, the Tiny MCE’s folder is not protected with HTTP Authorisation, you should require is_allowed() function to return `TRUE` if user is authorised, `FALSE` - otherwise.

For the remaining steps, the e MMC flasher image is chosen and Windows is used as the desktop operating system.

If you are not familiar with Linux then please ignore this section—it is here for reference.If you see this error, probably the plugin was not able to guess the right path. You should set in your Tiny MCE init script (see integration code example above). So if your project is based on this framework, you can integrate plugin’s PHP routine to your application.The solution is to set the physical path manually ($config['upload_path']). Here’s what you should do: Let me know if I forgot something…There are two versions to choose from: a version that runs directly from the micro-SD Card; or a version that writes to the BBB’s on-board e MMC, called a “flasher” image.The advantage of the e MMC version is that once it is written to the e MMC (which takes about 5–25 minutes) the BBB will boot in about 10 seconds from then on, and the micro-SD card slot will remain available for additional removable storage.In case someone needs a reverse function, here is a sample:string encoded String = "Аја";string[] splitted Chars;string decoded String = "";splitted Chars= endoded String.

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