Hibernatetemplate not updating

This example Spring Framework source code file (Hibernate Template.java) is included in the Dev "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. * * @author Juergen Hoeller * @since 1.2 * @see #set Session Factory * @see Hibernate Callback * @see org.hibernate.The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" dataaccessexception, dataaccessexception, hibernatecallback, hibernatecallback, hibernateexception, hibernateexception, io, jdbc, list, lockmode, object, object, query, reflection, serializable, session, sql, string, util /* * Copyright 2002-2008 the original author or authors. Session * @see Local Session Factory Bean * @see Hibernate Transaction Manager * @see org.springframework.The plugin system currently uses a different version of Spring (2.5.6) to the version shipped with Confluence (2.0.8).For this reason, there is a transaction abstraction provided by SAL that should be used for manual transaction management in plugins: , and you can get this dependency-injected into your component.In fact the Spring documentation itself encourages the direct use of Hibernate interfaces like session Factory and to skip this template completely.I decided to implement the IPerson DAO using this template.Unlike the direct Spring transaction management, you cannot set a custom propagation behaviour or other transaction attributes.

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By committing the transaction before we render the view, we make sure that everything we expect to be in the database is in the database before the browser has a chance to re-request it.The object takes a reference to the data source in operation.The hbm file and the Model class is as below: In the above code there is no open session or close session code.has set of methods for saving and updating the values in the database.The methods look like same and difficult to differentiate between them if you are not understanding them clearly.If you understand the hibernate mechanism clearly, it doesn’t execute the SQL statements directly to manipulate the database, hibernate itself a state maintaining mechanism.

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