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Even though the Polaroid Snap and Fuji Instax cameras both produce instant photos, they each go about it completely differently.

The Instax cameras use film (just like the original Polaroids, only smaller) and the Polaroid Snap is a digital camera with a built in printer.

Natural polarizers were effective at reducing glare and measuring angles of reflectivity, but they were large and expensive.A hard over the knee spanking, or a severe session with the paddle, not to mention the all feared and dreaded cane, all make up the daily punishment routines at Girls Boarding School.SITE NEWSA much better navigation through our massive Members Area, new voting, commenting and search features, and full coverage for your mobile device.As the best instant camera for kids our pick is the Polaroid Snap for its convenient size, simple controls, larger photos (which peel off to become stickers) and cheaper cost per print.Keeping a few spare packets of paper on hand is an inexpensive way to avoid disappointments.We always have fresh faces joining us, and of course have all the previous girls inside.

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