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Find your group Since 1963, American Atheists has protected the absolute separation of religion from government through legal advocacy, innovative education and public relations campaigns, legislative tracking, and community building and engagement.With…Cranford, NJ—After President Donald Trump signed an executive order today instructing the IRS to ignore future violations of the prohibition on electoral politicking by churches and religious groups, American Atheists…At the time of writing, the Atheist Census Project recorded that on average worldwide 73.2% of respondents were male. As such, the focus of many scholarly papers has been on seeking to explain this persistent observation." See also: Atheism and diversity and Atheism and white males In November 2010, Discover Magazine published survey results published by the World Values Survey which showed significant differences between the percentage of men and women who are atheists for various countries with men outnumbering women in terms of adopting an atheist worldview.

More and more users log in at our dating site for atheist online dating and to get in touch with people who share the same ideas.According to 2012 figures from the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China, China’s sex ratio at birth (the number of boys born for every 100 girls) was as high as 118, while the sex ratio amongst the total population was about 105.In October 2012, the atheist Susan Jacoby wrote in The Humanist concerning atheist meetings: "When I speak before non-college audiences — that is, audiences in which no one is required to be there to get credit for a college course — 75 percent of the people in the seats are men." In October 2010, an atheists' meeting was organized in the United States concerning the future direction of the atheist movement and 370 people attended.In the United States men make up 70% of Americans who identify as atheist.In Poland, 32% of atheists are female, and similarly in Australia it is 31.5% See: Western atheism and race Due to sex-selection abortion and female infantcide, there is a gender imbalance within the Chinese population.People like this usually are narrow minded and cannot accept the ideas different from their own ones.

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