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Interfaith marriage is also distinct from the concepts of religious assimilation, cultural assimilation, religious disaffiliation, and apostasy.Despite the distinction, these issues are associated with aspects of interfaith marriage.This depends on religious prohibitions against the marriage by the religion of one (or both) spouses, based on religious doctrine or tradition.In an interfaith marriage, each partner typically adheres to their own religion; this excludes a marriage of a spouse belonging to religion X to a spouse who has undergone religious conversion from religion Y to religion X.At that point, no one knew how serious the relationship would become, so we detoured from talk of religious beliefs.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members.While we were dating, we focused on ourselves as a couple; sharing our time, likes and dislikes; trying to build a compatible and flexible partnership. For the two of us, these were the important things that marked the path of any successful couple.For our parents, there were other questions — religious questions.To their credit, neither parental unit advised us against marriage based on religion. But in brief moments, similar thoughts also crossed our minds.Thoughts about two different cultures that had shaped us as people and how the other could understand it. Would there be authentic South Indian curries cooked Sunday evenings?As we became more serious and the thought of marriage became not only a topic of conversation between the two of us but was also a frequent question asked by our parents, it became hard not to talk about religion.

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