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We have also included some photos from the two years he spent at Facebook as a product manager.Boot Camp: APRIL 25, 2011 Before the city-within-a-city campus that Facebook would come to occupy, the company was housed in two buildings in the down-market part of Palo Alto, east of Stanford’s campus.Setting up shop in the former Chaise Lounge space, TS aims to be more of a down-home, laid-back boozer than its coastally inspired predecessor, with a long timber bar surrounded by wood-planked high-top tables that contribute a classy picnic vibe, but thankfully no picnic baskets, or that silly Yogi Bear would mess up EVERYTHING.The Note's been transformed from a live music venue to a divey neighborhood tavern, with walls graffiti'd up by nine local artists (buxom women, devils, aliens, robots, etc).Catch."In what some call the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time, an Olympian runs to save a race of hypnotized humans from their computer overlord.

A young kid tries to talk to "Mean" Joe Greene by the locker room after a game.Then there's the drink selection, which is heavy on whiskey, tequila, and craft beer.The massive outdoor patio begs for you to order a margarita and drink the day away, especially during the summer when the seasonal music series is in full swing.The conference room was named “Pong” (and yes, the room next to it was “Ping”), a large room meant for presentations.A raised stage lined the back wall, and long, narrow desks, like hedgerows, crossed the room from right to left.Jersey City hasn’t always been a craft beer town—more of a “beer and a stab” town, a phrase used by beat cops during the rougher years. Betz (who became a millionaire beer baron after apprenticing under his brother-in-law, David Yeungling, founder of the Yeungling & Sons Brewery), the brewery took up 17 city lots, making it the fourth largest brewery in New Jersey at its peak.

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