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It originated from a joke—Left Brain, a member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future, got so tired of answering the question “Where are you from?

” that he said he was going to start answering, “From the Internet." He figured the band would swap it out for something better when they thought of it. But it turns out to be a fitting name for the soul band formed by Syd tha Kid and Matt Martians, two producers who met on the Internet back in the My Space days, released their first EP for free online and whose third album, , released this week on Odd Future Records, is a call for an end to the zeroes-and-ones-fueled narcissism that characterizes the Internet age.

1 second k liye mai shocked ho gaya aur dar gaya ki yaar maine to kuch kiya v nai phir kyu bula rahi hai.

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Plus: The Return of Wrestlemania or Wrestlemaniaren’t! I've got a brand new combine harvester and I'll give you: a nice podcast from some good internet boys. Mat's got some things to say about when your job is accidentally a video game.

PLAY ATTENTION: Miitomo Badge Arcade Just A Whole Bunch Of VR Nonsense RAD LINKS: The ON! We'll talk about Firewatch with some spoilin' until . After we finished recording it Mat was convinced it's one of the worst episodes we've ever tried to produce and couldn't summon the energy.

Though the album is billed as soul, its sound defies easy categorization.

Plusieurs salons de chat du plus soft au plus coquin, dans chaque salon des centaines de connecté(e)s.

plays like a Sunday afternoon holed up in the bedroom, the melodies a soothing blanket to crawl under.

Syd's voice is a handshake between sensuality and swagger—melting incantations of love and lust when she sings of “cigarettes and sex on your breath” and indifferent bravado when she fantasizes a getaway scene: “kilos in the back seat, million in the briefcase.” Luscious jazz guitar flows buoyantly beneath.

As Martians explains, “For our generation, a lot of ego is based on follower counts or likes or retweets.”Yet "ego" is far from the first word that comes to mind upon meeting Syd and Martians, who, on a recent summer afternoon at New York City’s Ace Hotel, are swaddled in sweatpants.

Syd apologizes for being enshrouded in her hoodie—the AC is blasting—then Martians, who is also an illustrator, apologizes for doodling while we chat (“I answer way better when I’m drawing,” he says).

1 second k liye mai bilkul shocked ho gaya uske baad mai waha se chala gaya.

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