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Le Blanc speelde ook in een aantal films, waaronder Lost in Space, Charlie's Angels, en Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.Hij kwam in enkele opeenvolgende afleveringen voor in de Amerikaanse serie Married...This throwback atmosphere makes it a little difficult to settle into “Man with a Plan,” which not only plays up Adam’s bristling masculinity but also repeatedly hammers home the idea that parenting is feminine.Adam meets a stay-at-home dad at a kindergarten parents’ social who displays a trim, bookish demeanor quite at odds with Adam’s Carhartt jacket and blue jeans.The pilot opens itself up to equal-opportunity offense, expressed in a lingo any Joel Mc Hale character can comprehend: sarcasm.“You mean I could forge a lasting, meaningful relationship with a younger generation?And Lisa Kudrow was in attendance as well, but where were the three guy friends? All three of the Friends guys were invited to Aniston’s wedding with Brad Pitt but none of them – David Schwimmer, Matt Le Blanc or Matthew Perry – scored an invite to her nuptials with Justin Theroux.Schwimmer and Perry were both there when Aniston said “I do” to Brad Pitt and were close with her when it all fell apart.

Case in point: When The Eye presented its new sitcom The Great Indoors at this summer’s Television Critics Association Press Tour, it managed to stir the type of Gen Xers-versus-milliennials clash that Joel Mc Hale now finds himself in every Thursday night at p.m. When executive producer Mike Gibbons described the show’s supporting characters as “millennials in an overly PC, coddled work environment,” the TV press’ representatives from multiple demographics responded in kind. His unfortunate choice of words aside, Gibbons has tapped a potentially rich vein.

This is more or less the premise of CBS’ new family sitcom, “Man with a Plan” in which Adam (Matt Le Blanc) is forced to take a bigger role in raising his children when his wife, previously a stay-at-home mom, goes back to work full-time.

It feels strangely retro to center a new show around this minor upheaval of traditional gender roles in a family; the deconstruction of the familial unit has historically been one of the obsessions of television storytelling, from “Maude” to “Murphy Brown” to “Mad Men.” Even Lucy in “I Love Lucy” pursued work outside her home.

Jennifer Aniston fans the world over were thrilled that she got her man Justin Theroux to say “I do” at long last.

But less impressed are friends of hers who were snubbed and left off the guest list.

But could there be another reason behind the all-male Friends blackout at Aniston’s wedding?

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