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But still I love it." She continued, "I thought you are going to scold me for coming late." I "Scold you? I know about mid-day traffic..may be you had a sudden meeting in the office? " "I love you because you are Linda, the only woman on this earth for me," her face glows. Sometimes, she wants to know, "Chilipi, why do you love me so much? "That is a really a cute idea, Linda," I said, "Let me see, an article on how to pamper your girlfriend? You are such a wonderful lover..." "Our love story? Things like..way you love me..nice things you say..jokes..way you pamper me..know..." I knew what she meant. " She had already decided which publication I should send it too!

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But if you surprise her with an unexpected compliment, things get awkward. 2) If you're the adventurous kind, buy her something intimate. (Warning: This method MIGHT backfire very very badly) 3) The next rule applies to both sexes.Six months down the line both know each other pretty well.By the end of that year, the strength of the relationship is established and so is the quality of the partner. That's why in the first year, it is important for men to watch their behaviour.Welcome to the category Dating Guys where we are listing 19 dating sites.These sites we found in the Google Search Engine top 100 by keyword Dating Guys and ranking them by our own popularity formula.Dress appropriately for the occasion in a well-made suit, go light on the cologne, and decide to enjoy yourself whether you land a date for next Saturday night or not.

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