Mr fitz and aria dating in real life

On the one hand, Ezra fans should be happy because we now officially know that he's not A, but on the other hand, you've just destroyed the entire Ezria relationship! Oliver Goldstick: Oh my gosh, when you put it like that I feel like I'm on the hot seat!

What often happens with people who choose a subject is they're not necessarily in love in the beginning, but then they fall in love and they realize, 'I can't do this.' If you look over the course of the past 95 episodes, there are moments when they were not together.

Aria and Ezra might be MFEO, but most relationships of that nature don't end up happily ever after.

By romanticizing their relationship, encourages students to try and turn their hot for teacher fantasies into reality.

The show drops the ball on all kinds of things, from its near-total lack of diversity* to the fact that the ongoing sexual assault of a student is framed as a fine romance.

I enjoy On the show, Ezra is not framed as a rapist. He is framed as the equal partner of a high school student, a student he teaches.

We feel like in those times where Ezra was deeply involved with her, he was obviously very conflicted and he would stop.

The other day she posted a picture of herself and Ian Harding, the actor who plays Ezra Fitz, Aria’s high school English teacher and her rapist.

I had a strong reaction to seeing their smiling faces, one of total disgust.

Not to mention, Ezra doesn't look like a creepy old man next to Aria; the two are a pretty even match.

' Marlene King on Toby's Reveal: "The clock is ticking" Sadie Says: It's bad encouragement I don't think anyone is going to sleep with their teacher because they love Ezria, but the series definitely glamorizes student-teacher affairs.

While some may say the student-teacher relationship is inappropriate, others believe the pairing is the core relationship of the show. Because Ezra was in a position of power when they got together, if his relationship with Aria were reported — even now — he'd be slapped with a felony!

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