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This statement may be used in a zone, view or global options clause. IP address(es) that are allowed to transfer (copy) the zone information from the server (master or slave for the zone).

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By default, named is not allowed by the SELinux policy to write, create or delete any files EXCEPT in these directories: $ROOTDIR/var/named/slaves$ROOTDIR/var/named/data$ROOTDIR/var/tmp where $ROOTDIR may be set in /etc/sysconfig/named if bind-chroot is installed.

We'll go through the steps here in case you weren't the one to set up those files or if you'd just like a checklist to follow.

Make these changes to your The primary master name server will load the new zone data.

I two Bind servers in a master/slave configuration. of that particular domain in the zone file, and notifies the servers listed in the NS record, excluding itself.

When the serial is incremented on the master zone file, it takes longer than expect for the zone to update on the slave. With a ttl of 5 secs, it takes serveral minutes for the slave to update. Here's my configuration for the master test server: local $TTL 5 @ IN SOA sid. ( 2007010416 ; Serial 5 ; Refresh [1m] 5 ; Retry [10m] 5 ; Expire [1d] 5 ) ; Negative Cache TTL [1h] ; @ IN NS sid. sid IN A etch IN A pop IN CNAME sid www IN CNAME sid mail IN CNAME sid @ IN SOA sid. ( 2007010401 ; Serial 3600 ; Refresh [1h] 600 ; Retry [10m] 86400 ; Expire [1d] 600 ) ; Negative Cache TTL [1h] ; @ IN NS sid. In your case, I don't see the slave server's hostname being listed as an NS record in the zone file.

Slave name servers will load this new data sometime within the time interval defined in the SOA record for refreshing their data.

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