Newlywed dating game questions

It's the perfect way to have a good laugh in great company, and also let the couple learn something new about one another.-When temptation runs high, what is his / her favorite junk food indulgence?

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That way, you can then compare the newlyweds' answers and later reveal how much they really know about each other's quirks, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies.

The Newlywed Game tests how well newly married couples know each another.

The board game itself comes with 250 questions, and coming up with new ones can keep the game fresh for future rounds.

on February 21st, 2014 | 1 Comment ยป Looking for a family game that everyone will love? We have been stuck inside because it is too cold to go out and we are starting to get cabin fever.

I love finding new games to try out with my family and it helps to beat these winter blues!

The show became famous for some of the arguments that couples had over incorrect answers in the form of mistaken predictions, and it even led to some divorces.

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