Process for liquidating mutual funds


This question is calling for a somewhat subjective answer.

What I would recommend is liquidate now, since it is a stock fund and stocks have performed very well this year, no need to be greedy and hope that they do as well in 2014.

If the annual return is expressed as annual percentage yield, then the number takes into account the effects of compounding interest.

Taxes are a key consideration for all investors, including mutual fund shareholders.

This page answers a few basic questions about how mutual fund investors are taxed. Investors should consult their tax advisors before purchasing or redeeming mutual fund shares.

Federal and state securities regulators require that the prospectus include the fund's investment objectives, policies and restrictions, fees and expenses and how shares can be bought and sold. Return to top A description identifying to whom the fund is available for purchase.

As an example, some funds are only available to existing shareholders.

Whether it be for a lack of interest or another reason, some ETFs will have to be taken off the market...

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