Sedating a horse for

The drug is absorbed through the mucous membrane lining the mouth and takes effect within 30 minutes.

It can replace physical restraint and improve safety during treatments, diagnostics and transport and the gel is ideal for horses that are nervous or needle-shy and when owners need more control during clipping, shoeing, dental treatments and boxing.

They may appear sedated with the mild stuff but that goes right out the window when their fear object approaches them and the adrenalin starts pumping.Oral tranquilizers such as Sedalin and Relaquine, which have acepromazine as the active agent, are a much cheaper option but can lack efficacy.Dormosedan injection (containing detomidine) has been used for more than 20 years worldwide, now a new formulation gel is available.2) I had to desensitize one of my guys one time in fairly short order for clipping (he had cushings and desperately needed a summer cut because of heat).I used a kid's battery operated toy (it was a little plastic chain saw with chain that actually moved and was just a tad noisier than electric clippers), started it up and using the advance and retreat method had him accepting it in three days. I second Trail Horse Rider's concern on the seemingly arbitrary clipping requirement.NEW YORK, New York Some horses require sedating for clipping, dental treatment or shoeing, but calling a veterinarian each time is rather costly.

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