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If you’re always available at a moment’s notice, a woman will only see you as a friend.

There is near me an Asian sushi-beer-and-dinner establishment that I'll call the Asia Spot. Among Asian waitresses I know I count an electrical engineer who does wide-area networks, and a woman with a masters in biochemistry who, upon finding that research required a Ph.

Since Picasso was trying to divorce his Russian ballerina wife, Olga, his lawyers forbade him to appear in public with Marie-Thérèse.

She was the most secret of all his relationships, but she didn’t seem to mind. Her entire life was devoted to being the artist’s great love and muse. Obviously his reputation as one of the world’s greatest artists helped, but was there more to it than that?

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My point is this; if you are sexting someone that is outside of your relationship and you have not cleared that sexting relationship with your monogamously or polyamorously committed partner(s), you’re cheating. Maybe hopping on a plane or driving hours to get to one another isn’t currently in the cards.

Marie-Thérèse was totally unlike the other women in that she was happy to remain hidden in the background, and for eight years or so remained unknown to all but a few of Picasso’s closest friends.

People knew he had a mistress, but nobody knew her name, what she looked like, or where she lived.

This adds intrigue to the exchange and piques her interest.

2.) You’re Too Available Find a happy medium between both your schedules.

These types of men create relationships that lack tension, become boring, and go stale fast.

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