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One of my Literotica fans who’s a real audiophile mentioned the quality of the soundfiles is better in these links I have on my site here than on the compressed Literotica submissions.Continue reading A young farm girl goes for an innocent stroll one day in her new, pretty dress and shoes and finds herself in a pit of quicksand when she tries to cross a creek bed. Continue reading A poltergeist runs into a lost love in the woods and they reconnect in an unexpected way in this romantic story.To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Poltergeist” A 13 min 28 sec recording. Continue reading A man hires an escort so he can film her sinking in quicksand and then have some fun with her.How I’d love to post kiss and tell additions after each and every phone sex session, but I know that’s not nice or fair, and I won’t do that.I won’t rank you, all I’ve done that with, not on here anyway!Wonderful videos and mind blowing action in a crazy ass collection of raw clothed porn, something very exclusive to watch and easy to get addicted to.

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