Socionic dating

Psychological problems that arise in course of working of employees of service organizations with customers are described.

Key words: management, conflictology, prophylaxis of conflicts, business contacts, psychological problems.

A new interesting article found in the Internet: Lytaev S., Voronov A. War against Terrorism: New Challenges to Military Personnel Selection. 2005, November 3: Model A: some notes on functions added. Based on Jung's psychological typology, she developed, together with her mother Katharine Cook Briggs, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which is now extremely popular in the US (along with its derivatives, such as the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and some other tests).

His typology served later as a basis of socionics and several other type theories Gray-Wheelwright Test, MBTI, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Eysenck Temperament Test, NEO-PI-R etc. Isabel Briggs MYERS (18971980) She was a school teacher by her occupation.

The structure of the socionic model of the informational metabolism type can be derived using the combinatory-dichotomic method. Jung's archetypes concept and other sociological and psychological concepts.

In course of this process, new traits and characteristics of the model may be found, which find their analogs in T. Key words: socionics, type model (model A), structural functionalism, function, dysfunction, homeostasis, adaptation.

These relations exist between the 16 personality types, to one of which you belong as well. Personality type, also called sociotype, is not transientit changes neither in a day nor in a year.

The new approaches to education, new ways personal development are shown. This knowledge means that we can percept any situation correctly and can choose the most optimal solutions from all the possibilities.The article considers examples of how a type of informational metabolism acquires psychological behavioral traits of another type being in the 'illusionary" relationship with the first one.Key words: type of informational metabolism, illusionary relationship, supervision relationship, conflict relationship, communicative model.[13.09] Hilary is ENTj, cmon, she's pure Gamma type and has Gamma assistants. ISTp women look entirely different and never quasi-identical! -- ;-) Note: This article is not produced by a psychologist and is based on the analysis of a small sample of individuals.The following text is open to debate and is mainly to be used as hint. I have discovered personality typing only recently, but it fascinates me and I've read a lot of different sources of information over the past few months. Based on his practical researches, the author ascertains that the socionics as a tool of recruitment and personnel management has the right for existence and proves in some cases its high efficiency in solving issues of personnel policy.

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