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Bunty got married to Ambika Chauhan in an exotic destination wedding which was attended by Salman Khan as well.Ambika was also working with Bunty, she was managing Yuvraj Singh, and she quit the firm when they got divorced after 4 years of marriage.Wife Zarina Wahab accepted Aditya Pancholi's open relationship with Kangana Ranaut quietly.Stories of Aditya's closeness to Kangana started doing the rounds until one fine day when an ugly public spat brought an end to their affair.New Delhi: B-town has always given “love” a different meaning through films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kaho Naa Pyar Hai and many more.

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The actress was also seen bonding with Nirvaan Khan (Seema and Sohail's son), who posted an adorable picture on his photoblogging page.

So she ensured the relationship ended on a good note.

Apparently, both Sonakshi's and Aditya's families knew about their relationship.

Aditya's behaviour really angered Sonakshi and she decided to part away with him.

Moreover, the actress didn't want her personal life to affect her work.

From that point you'll have one minute to get off the horse." Again, cheering and hooting from the men. The man stepped back off the stage, microphone still in hand. I could see her boobs wave a bit under her dress as her entire body began to participate in the effort, waving back and forth, trying to increase whatever pleasurable stimulation the hidden machine was providing. " The men broke their silence and began to yell and hoot as the girl came in front of their eyes. She looked out at the men for the first time, then back down. "Thank you, Ann," the man said into the microphone. Increase the vibration, stroke, or electric stimulation and they climax – decrease it and they return to the plateau." He looked at me – I was speechless with amazement. The announcer I'd seen months before walked across the courtyard, a friendly grin on his face. Finally it hung in golden brown waves, almost but not quite straight. I have a nice complexion; a little foundation and blush and eye shadow and I looked nice.

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