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A Christian Mingle gift certificate is a perfect birthday, holiday or “getting over the ex” gift for your single friends who would appreciate the love life support.

Purchase a paid subscription for a friend or family member as a gift any time of the year!

Church members should not seek the autographs of General Authorities or Area Seventies, including signing in their scriptures, hymnals, or programs.

Doing so detracts from their sacred callings and the spirit of meetings.

They are encouraged to work through licensed, authorized agencies.

Audiovisual materials that meet these criteria may be used in the chapel during meetings other than sacrament meeting or the general session of stake conference if they are an important part of the meeting.

“Men just need to man up and initiate.” As someone in a class I was teaching a couple of weeks ago said, “You need to ‘man up’. There’s a good chance she won’t be there in a week. Grocery store, book store, mall, your waitress, and certainly online – all way safer. Heck the only thing more dangerous than church might be work. There is not space in this post to get into this but think about it for any length of time and you see it.

Search for sermons by Scripture book - a growing selection of Sermons is available for downloading.

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Questions regarding the exchange of information and contact between adopted children and their biological parents should be handled with sensitivity.Be sure to include your member ID, username, and registered email address with your photos.If you would like your mailed photos returned to you, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope.Each month we want to recommend books which we feel will help you in your walk with Jesus."Reading the Bible and Praying in Public" by Stuart Olyott (The Banner of Truth Trust) Bible reading and prayer are two elements in all evangelical church worship.It’s available to download for FREE for both i OS and Android.

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