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I’m not labeling them as good ideas or bad ideas, but rather just a bit ridiculous. We’ll probably see this type of product recognition technology in supermarkets soon. You can attach UGym’s vibrating patches to any part of the body help stimulate your muscles.

And who knows, maybe all ten of these will be huge hits — the best startup ideas usually seem to have some far-fetched aspect to them. Love Nuts is a “connected” vibrator that disguises itself as a big nut and is apparently supposed to “rescue” a woman because it also doubles as a flashlight. I actually tried it out, using a handheld device to increase the amount of stimulation. I couldn’t really tell if I felt more relaxed or totally wacked out afterward.

The Android version is under development, as well as an i OS update that will have an enhanced feature list that further facilitate face-to-face meetings with potential colleagues.

Tinder might be the dating app giant, but other dating apps are seeing success by catering to specific market needs that don't involve endless swiping.

91Waijiao only provides teachers who speak English as mother tongue, aiming to shake up traditional education practices and teach each student according to their own aptitudes.

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Right now, Bumble’s platform allows you to look for friends as well as dates, but soon they will be rolling out a feature that includes finding groups with similar interests.Yet Black online users face apparent bias: Data collected from 25 million Ok Cupid accounts demonstrated that when users rated their matches they penalized Black men and women,” writes Kaya Thomas ’17 in an opinion piece for the website Tech Crunch.Now, she says, a new mobile dating app created by Jordan Kunzika ’16, Justin Gerrard, Tuck ’16, and Brian Gerrard “hopes to make online dating a better experience for Black people.” “Bae founders cultivated their user base by going directly to the communities they believe need the app,” Thomas writes.We believe that Tech Crunch will confirm the significance of City Hour and will help us scale and grow our business.” The app is growing virally on a daily basis. “Unlike Linked In, where people try to establish a digital connection without a real objective and purely for the numbers, City Hour encourages meeting with people personally to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships,”, adds Alex Lubinsky.Being the perfect app to jumpstart new business efforts, explore career opportunities & create new partnerships, City Hour has already been selected and featured as one of the best ‘Apps for Business Networking’ in the U. City Hour is very simple to use yet has many advanced features that add to its advantages.The business turned out to be a success for both her career and personal life, Gong added.

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