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Jenner and Parsons realised that despite this urgent desire for coupledom, people were often mismatched in eligibility (and many newspaper lonely hearts ads at the time were fakes).

So the art of matching one person to another emerged.

Strict rules for men, women The show is playful (listen for the strains of the “Dating Game” theme song) but not frivolous, said Jody Sheff, executive producer for Thirteen/WNET New York.

“If you were a woman or a man in the early 19th century, who you married and how you married was going to determine your entire life,” Sheff said.

Bonus chatter: One should be careful not to assume that what happens on television dating shows is how dating actually works in the country of origin.

After all, you wouldn't want people to base their knowledge of dating in the United States on what happens on The Bachelor or Studs.

The real soap opera unfolds as new couples are formed and have to discover whether or not they have the compatibility to make their relationships last.

It follows in the Chinese tradition of the cryptic four-character phrase.

Sexual attraction wasn't listed, because the matchmakers insisted they were "not running a brothel"; they were introducing individuals with a view to matrimony.

One with impeccable manners, of course, and a British accent. “Regency House Party” lacks hot tubs, a glitzy Malibu mansion a la “The Bachelor” or contemporary canoodling.

The archives they left behind are a priceless record of how men and women looked for partners over the next decade.

As soon as they opened for business, letters flooded in from both sexes.

What can be discovered in Austen’s works, including “Pride and Prejudice,” about how little freedom was allowed women is made explicit in the PBS series. A man has no right to take a lady’s hand till it is offered. A young lady gives her hand, but does not shake a gentleman’s, unless she is his friend.” That’s for starters.

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