The dating of rock art a critique

If you do not have the Acrobat Reader please click here for a free download of the latest version. The use of weathering indices in rock art science, a methodological review by R. Before opening a PDF file you may need to open your Adobe Acrobat Reader. Mud-wasp nests and rock art , addressing the dating of wasp nests, PDF file, 780 KB. Examining human symbolic behaviour in the deep past, however, is fraught with difficulties.ABSTRACT: Pleistocene rock art is abundant in Australia, but has so far received only limited attention.Instead there has been a trend, begun over a century ago, to search for presumed depictions of extinct megafauna and the tracks of such species.This page is the portal to the main body of this site. Antiquity and authorship of the Chauvet rock art, 2007, PDF file of 651 KB.

Currently the following pages are available, but we are continually working on expanding this resource. Developments in petroglyph dating, a 2010 paper by R.

Australia contains some of the world's richest and apparently longest traditions of rock pictographs.

Dating this art, however, has been problematic, with few ‘direct’ and reliable dates of Pleistocene or early Holocene age having been obtained from visible, representational imagery.

3162, AUSTRALIEThe methods for estimating the antiquity of rock art are reviewed critically, dividing them into traditional and scientific approaches. It seems that the most promising options have attracted only limited interest, while those methods that have been afforded the most sustained research efforts have been discredited or provide only tenuous results.

Journal of archaeological science ISSN 0305-4403 CODEN JASCDU 2002, vol.

Towards these ends, this paper reviews the results and techniques that have been employed to date the apparently earliest known pictographs in Australia.

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