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This article also introduces a new scheduling method at your disposal. With manually scheduled tasks, Project 2010 provides the project manager even more control over the schedule. You can place a manually scheduled task placed anywhere in your schedule, and Project won't move it.Project 2010 introduces a new mode that gives users complete control over how tasks are scheduled — manual scheduling. Since the duration is a text value, a start date hasn't been set automatically by Project. This new feature gives you greater flexibility and control over planning and managing their schedule. Well, at times project schedules are often very informal.For example, they may only be aware of when a task needs to be started, but not its duration until they have an estimate from their team members.Also, they may know how long a task will take, but they do not know it can be started until they have approval from the resource manager.

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Automatically scheduled tasks are the classic way Project schedules your tasks.Let's look at this more closely so that you don't miss any key features. Project managers who are accustomed to automatic scheduling with past versions of Project can turn the manual scheduling feature off for specific tasks or for the entire project. They begin as simple lists of dates from e-mails, meeting with stakeholders, or a hallway conversation.Project can schedule tasks using two methods: manual scheduling and automatic scheduling With manual scheduling, changes to factors such as task dependencies, constraints, and project calendars do not automatically adjust task dates. Some projects, especially complicated ones, may require Project's powerful scheduling engine to take care of scheduling for you. Project managers very often do not have complete information on work items.Learn Smart - Final 3 Days to Get Your Agile On and Save.As work on your project progresses, you can update the plan with the actual start and finish dates, actual work, actual and remaining duration, and the current percent complete and percent work complete.Note: When you specify the actual work for a task, Project calculates the percentage of work completed and remaining work according to the formulas Percent Work Complete = Actual Work / Work and Remaining Work = Work - Actual Work.

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