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For this activity, I need someone with the following qualities: (1) must be vegetarian (2) little bit knowledge of English (3) ready to spend ideas with open-minded (4) to be ISKCON devotee is an additional but not required Please write with full details and photo as I strongly support and want to do with a good working partner in Ukraine. Sadhana is important as I tour around the country, camping at National & State parks along the way between stops. I would like my future wife to be single with no kids as well. I love to be active and enjoy life the fullest when I am not teaching or doing research. I love watching football, baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis.

Looking for someone who has the time and willing to join me on this fun adventure, helping with driving and expenses. I am an educated, caring, loving and respectful person currently living in Tennessee, USA. I love to sing, listen to music, watch movies and go to nice restaurants in my free time.

This software is aimed to be personal information assistant for the vaishnavas.

It is simple and small but gives amazing functions of vaisnava calendar and panchang.

Return to Top As nearly as we can tell, no one has conducted an official or other census; however, the number of those who are Vaishnavas by birth is likely to be very large, perhaps hundreds of millions, most of whom happen to be in India.

However, most such people are not practicing Vaishnavas, and have no reason to be called so except by accident of birth. Some of the more important traditions or sampradâya-s are: Return to Top There is no single founder, and the worship of Vishnu cannot be reliably shown to have begun at any fixed date in the past.

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Not only this, the ultimate power of Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi is in granting ‘moksha’ that is freedom from the cycle of re-birth and death.

The Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi is one of the sacred fasting day for Vaishnavas that falls on the ‘ekadashi’ (11th day) during the ‘Krishna Paksha’ (the dark fortnight of moon) of the ‘Madhusudana’ month in the Vaishnava calendar.

In the Hindu lunar calendar, this ekadashi is observed during the month of ‘Vaisakha’ whereas in the English calendar the date falls between the months of April-May.

However, specific schools of Vaishnavism have been propounded by great teachers or Âchâya-s—even so, those schools are not said to have been created by them, and in many cases pre-date them; i.e., these teachers began traditions of belief in certain doctrines that persist upto the present day, but they did not create the doctrines as such—they either revived them, or built upon an existing but not-widely-known school to form a vigorous one.

Return to Top Homage is sometimes paid to other deities, but these deities are never considered the equals of Vishnu, nor are they worshipped in the same spirit.

Normally it has white background but in the fasting days it will be yellowish.

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