Validating a dtd

I think I've got most of it, but I can't find On Validation Event anywhere. Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings.

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In his article in this issue, Peter-Paul Koch proposes adding custom attributes to form elements to allow triggers for specialized behaviors.Any error messages resulting from a failed XML validation attempt are written to an error console.Stylus Studio®'s Output window can handle multiple XML parsing or XML validation errors.XMLDOM") xml Doc.async="false" xml Doc.validate On Parse="true" xml Doc.load("note_dtd_error.xml") document.write("Error Code: ") document.write(xml Doc.parse Error.error Code) document.write("Error Reason: ") document.write(xml Doc.parse Error.reason) document.write("Error Line: ") document.write(xml Doc.parse Error.line)var xml Doc = new Active XObject("Microsoft.Option Explicit ' Initialize global objects and variables. It can be used at the command prompt to perform batch validation as well.The W3C validator won’t validate a document with these attributes, as they aren’t part of the XHTML specification.

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