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Our weekly screening for child maltreatment has contributed to reduced suspensions and fighting in the high school and allowed us to intervene before the problems have become unmanageable.

They then receive letters of validation and support back from her.

Find out more about the CSCI below or download the CSCI Features and Benefits for easy reference.

The CSCI measures thirteen essential dimensions of a healthy school climate in five broad categories: safety, teaching and learning, interpersonal relationships, social media, and the institutional environment as well as two distinct dimensions for personnel only.

To support teachers, and help with accreditation, BOSTES endorses training providers who run courses that are in line with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Training providers undergo a rigorous endorsement process to deliver QTC Registered courses.

The ALIVE Humanities class has helped students integrate into the high school and develop a supportive school culture.

Data are from a nationally representative sample of 154 public high schools in 2010 from Bridging the Gap with corresponding school level data from the National Center for Education Statistics’ (NCES) Common Core of Data (CCD) to obtain a measure of percent of students receiving FRL and using Arc GIS 9 software with the ACS 05–09, matched at the census block group level to construct measures of community SES.

School zone level SES measures obtained include: median household income, percent of families in poverty, percent of families with children younger than 18 years in poverty, and the percent of all households in poverty.

This can be logged as Teacher Identified PD which includes relevant training, courses, workshops, action research, reflection activities, teacher observations and seminars etc which are not registered with the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES).

These activities are valuable as they allow for recognition of activities teachers may have found useful in addressing the Standard Descriptors.

Classroom discussions focus on the meaning of child safety and proper care of oneself and one's family.

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