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, she'll always be Lorraine Baines, mother to time-traveler Marty Mc Fly (Michael J. I am really happy to be known mostly around the world as Lorraine Mc Fly," says Thompson, who also appeared in 1989's . "So it has protected me from some of the bad work I've done. So I have taken some jobs that might not have been the best." replacing Eric Stoltz, who wasn't capturing the screwball energy that filmmakers were seeking.

The beloved portrayal shot the Canadian-born actor to a new level of stardom.

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But many are single because they’re self-absorbed douchebags who can’t have nice things because they don’t know how to behave like decent human beings.

If she has other piercings it’s not a dealbreaker as long as she removes them and never wears them again.”Furthermore, I do not believe homosexuals should be allowed to teach in schools or hold any type of job in which they have any type of interactions with children in which they could leave a false impression that homosexuality is ok on their young minds.” This is just so dumb that the word dumb is mad as hell at me for bringing it into this situation. In fact, I’ll believe the latter just so I can sleep better. Him and his refrigerator-sized veneers need to have an everlasting seat some damb where. I’m EXTRA looking forward to your comments on this.

Looooonnnngggg story short, this guy is just the most awful specimen. Oh and the beauty in all this is that Romeo looks like this: He got his nerve to look like the living embodiment of athlete’s foot and gangrene. How do you look like a horror movie villain WITHOUT the need for makeup and be this choosy and racist and chauvinistic and just a terrible human being? He reminds me of TEEF KEEF aka TOOTHER VANDROSS (if you click that link, you will CRY laughing.

"It makes my heart sing that I got to have all of these beautiful experiences, directly related to my having been the original Jennifer."James Tolkan (as Principal Strickland)Tolkan already had established himself as a hard-nosed actor before .

But he cemented his place in pop culture as high school principal Gerald Strickland, telling Marty Mc Fly, "You're a slacker."He's still repeating the line for fans today.

He parlayed that into the two sequels and dramatic roles in the Vietnam movie Diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's disease in 1991, Fox announced his condition to the world in 1998. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, the same year he announced his retirement from ABC sitcom as Marty Mc Fly's girlfriend.

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