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As Richard Pierard and Robert Linder, the authors of Civil Religion & the Presidency (1988), write, The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and later, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address became the sacred scriptures of the new public faith. Thomas Jefferson was in his day a prophet of American civil religion. " The drafting of the Declaration had been entrusted by the Second Continental Congress to a committee of five, of which the leading members were Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin.Just as the colonists saw their own church covenants as vehicles of God's participation in history, so these public documents became the covenants which bound the people of the nation together in a political and religious union. Indeed, if his original draft of the Declaration of Independence had been accepted, the @eclaration would have been more explicitly linked to the American civil religion than it is in its present form. ," Jefferson's original draft had "We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable . Although Rousseau's phrase "civil religion" does not seem to have been in circulation in America at this time (when it would have been suspect in the eyes of churchmen), Jefferson -- whether through Rousseau or not -- was a "civil religion" person in his habitual use of language.His family included his wife, Louise, a level-headed and open-minded woman who often had to scold George when his mouth got him into trouble; and Lionel, an engineering major at a local college.He especially disliked Tom and Helen Willis, a mixed couple (he was white, she was black) whose daughter, Jenny, was dating and later married Lionel; Florence, his sharp-tongued maid; and Harry Bentley, the esoteric Englishman who lived next door."The Jeffersons" was perhaps the most-successful spinoff series to "All in the Family." George Jefferson was the black version of Archie Bunker in many respects, both were loud-mouthed, opinionated and set in their bigoted ways.By 1975, Jefferson's fledging dry-cleaning business, Jefferson Cleaners, had successfully grown into a small chain; his newfound wealth led to moving his family to a "deluxe apartment in the sky" in Manhattan.It had no label, but etched into the glass in a spindly hand was the year 1787, the word “Lafitte,” and the letters “Th.

There is quite a copious literature about the American civil religion, and although there are differences over the exact nature of this powerful but nebulous concept, there is also a broad consensus about its general nature.

Her father, Ivan, was an investment banker, and her mother, Virginia Barnett Wing, had been an actress and singer in the early ’30s.

Her lineage goes back to Norway, where the family name was Vinje.

Grace Slick, to the public mind, is synonymous with Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship in the way that Mick Jagger is synonymous with the Rolling Stones.

Ironically, Grace was not an original member of the band, nor was she with Starship at the very end.

Jefferson had served as America’s Minister to France between 1785 and the outbreak of the French Revolution, and had developed a fascination with French wine.

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