Who is syleena johnson dating


Meet the ladies of TV One's upcoming "R&B Divas" show, (l-r) Monifah Carter, Nicci Gilbert, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson & Keke Wyatt, inside....

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“I hate the term,” she says, “because I’ve never been anything but who I am, and I’ve lived my authentic life.” Monifah, 41, is one of 5 R&B singers featured in a new reality TV series titled “R&B Divas,” premiering Aug. The series also stars Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Kiki Wyatt, and Sylena Johnson.Despite her age she continues to contribute to the music world as her latest album “Chapter 6: Couple’s Therapy” was released.Her notable singles include “Scared Of You”, “Ain’t No Love”, “Hit on Me”, “Guess What” to name a few.The series centers around the women’s lives as they work together on a R&B compilation album.In the trailer for the show, we see Monifah kissing her butch lover.And when Johnson was fifteen, her parents split up.

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